MTB Enduro World Cup 2024


The Largest Team Competition in the Mountain Bike World-- 28-29 Settembre 2019


Following the final round of the Enduro World Series, the Trophy of Nations brings teams and riders together to compete for Nations, Industry and Rider titles.








Riders are selected to represent their Nation from the Global Enduro Rankings, Industry Trophy Teams will be formed from EWS teams, supporters and other industry and the Rider Trophy (Team and Individuals) competition is open to anyone. 


A true combination of amateur and international competition, riders from around the world are able to compete on the same course as UCI Rainbow Jersey winners.


 Work with your team, strategise, pace each other, share the experience. 

Trophy of Nations weekend features following races/categories:
Nations Trophy – Team (Sunday)
Industry Trophy – Team (Sunday)
Rider Trophy – Team (Saturday)
Rider Trophy – Individual (Saturday)